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Soy Candle With Essential Oils - Value Packs

Soy Candle With Essential Oils - Value Packs

WIC Family Naturals
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We started on a mission to create safe, eco-friendly, products for a chemical free home that our family would actually use in hopes that we might help other families live healthier and happier lives too.

Many years ago my wife and I always enjoyed scented candles...until we realized how toxic the synthetic fragrances and byproducts of burning paraffin wax could be.


If we were going to add scented soy candles to our product line up, they had to not only be safe, they had to be ones that you can actually smell!

They need to burn cleanly and slow so you can enjoy them for many hours.

🕯MADE WITH PREMIUM NATURAL SOY WAX: Our soy candles are 100% Premium Soy Wax with clean burning cotton wicks.

🕯SCENTED ONLY WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Our candles use only high quality unadulterated essential oils. You will remember them for their long-lasting fragrance that can fill any room!

🕯UP TO 50 HOURS OF BURN TIME: Our artisan hand poured even burning soy wax candles will provide many hours of enjoyment as they burn on average 40-50 hours. 

🕯THE LID IS IMPORTANT: Soy candles scented with essential oils are one of the cleanest burning candles you can buy BUT they should be covered when not in use as essential oils can evaporate allowing the scent you've enjoyed so much to prematurely dissipate. Once your candle has cooled and the wax has hardened be sure to replace the lid for maximum enjoyment.

Thank you for trying our products at WIC Family Naturals we maintain a Purity Promise and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our products will never contain Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, anything artificial or toxic in any way we can become aware. If you try our product and don't love it, return the unused portion for a refund.

Chemical Free 100% Soy Candle Scented With Essential Oils



🕯Radiant Earth - Enjoy the calm and wonderfully earthy and grounding smell of Sage and Ylang Ylang as you melt away the worries of the day. (This is our strongest scent, good for large areas or to fill your whole home!)

🕯New Beginning - Enjoy the refreshing woody scent that might make you feel like you smell a tender spring breeze, relaxing yet invigorating, wonderful for those times you need a calm focus. (This is our medium to strong scent candle, good for dispersion in medium to large areas.)

🕯Citrus Sunrise - The citrus smell of Grapefruit and Tangerine washes over you like a warm sunrise, sure to leave you with the feeling of an invigorated and balanced mood. (This is a medium scent candle, good for dispersion in small to medium areas)

🕯Lazy Afternoon - The calming affect of the wonderful citrus smell of Lemongrass is sure to help you kick back, relax and unwind! (This is a medium scent candle, good for dispersion in small to medium areas.)