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DIY Hand Sanitizer in the Wake of COVID-19 Coronavirus Shortages

And a few tips for staying healthy!

What a strange world we live in. Probably like many of you I never thought I’d ever see something like what is happening presently in my lifetime.

None the less it does show us how vulnerable we are as human beings, and why we need each other and should always continually look to assist one another for the betterment of all.

So I wanted to send some value along in hopes you find it helpful as well kind of hunker down in the wake of this strange COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

As I know, depending where you are, shopping can be a bit of a bizarre experience right now, and a number of things are proving a bit difficult to locate….hand sanitizer being one them. 

So I want searching and reviewed a number of different DIY solutions for hand sanitizer as the ingredients for most are pretty simple and still readily available for most, just thought I’d pass them along (with a few additional thoughts and wisdom thrown in.)


Try to remain positive, at home in your four walls with only the media as your source of information things feel pretty bad, in fact worse than bad, however my observation heading out to pick up a few things is that things feel pretty normal, maybe a little better than normal as traffic is lighter and good parking is easier to find!

All though drastic measures seem to be necessary to quell the tidal wave of contagiousness a little common sense goes a long way. Wash your hands as soon as you can, avoid touching your face and remember at the core of this it’s still just a flu and most people recover just fine.


Exercise is always important, but even more important now.

Not only does regular exercise ensure the strongest metabolism, let’s be honest we’re all under a little more stress presently. 

Resistance training in particular (or anything that elevates heart rate above 70%) for about 30 min yields endorphins and a strong hormonal cascade that will keep you happier. Do not underestimate the significance of this.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of sickness (not necessarily COVID-19) continuing to do 20-30 min of light cardiovascular activity per day will supercharge your metabolism and immune system actually helping you recover faster. (If you are feeling unwell do avoid resistance training for 5-7 days or until symptoms are obviously sharply declining.)


Likewise hydration is central to our the efficient function of vital body systems, poor hydration immediately compromises the immune system as the body struggles to balance the essential versus the non-essential, now is not the time to leave that to chance. Abundant fluid intake leading to adequate hydration will also maintain energy levels and elevate mood.

Snack Attack!

Did you know that your stomach is the body’s best calorie burning mechanism? Digestion is hugely demanding and thus elevates metabolic rate and processes every time you eat. Keep your body strong, healthy and functioning well with small frequent meals.


This is such a problem area for me, yet that makes it even more important for me to write this if not for your benefit but for my own. We need adequate sleep to achieve the body’s utmost when it comes to recovery potential. It’s only with consistent and sufficient amounts of sleep (6 hours of actual sleep hours, unbroken or interrupted) that we can maximize the release of hormones that actively repair and maintain every tissue in your body. You want to know how to boost your immune system, if you maximize the quality of your sleep you will harness one of the best tools to not only feel better but look younger and be happier!

Veggies and a Little Sun

Last but not least, try to consume as many different colours of fruits and vegetables possible (now and forever) within the colours of the different foods we find many different enzymes and antioxidants. Enzymes are vital to the all the metabolic mechanisms within our body, in fact when things begin to break down or deficiencies occur it’s frequently a result of a lack of required enzymes to utilize the resources you ingest. Additionally antioxidants work to bind with free radicals (a neat name for destabilized cells that destroy other cells by trying to steal resources to stabilize themselves in patterns we call “disease”) antioxidants have an abundance of energy to share thereby helping to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals which leads us to the sun…

The sun’s radiation helps us rejuvenate through the production of good old vitamin D. Vitamin D is a bit of a superhero when it comes to fighting illness and disease (does this mean we’re all a little like Superman?) make sure you’re getting a solid dose whenever you can!

There you have it, in the wake of the tidal wave of COVID-19 Coronavirus, truth is employing these habits will ensure you’re less like to contract any virus and will be better suited to enjoy the best life possible and just maybe be a little happier too!

However for the short term and in light of the current situation, I do suggest just take a little extra caution with all the icky surfaces we might come into contact with that are likely never washed. Sorry grocery cart you know I’m looking at you…

My family and I we have always used an essential oil based natural hand sanitizer, but if you’re just having trouble finding a pre-made product at all here’s two recipes I found that I felt appropriate for the circumstances.

I came across this article from a doctor suggesting that an alcohol based sanitizer has a high probability of destroying a coronavirus on a surface, so neither of these recipes are alcohol free as I would prefer but one utilizes essential oils versus more traditional ingredients.

Hand Sanitizer Recipes:

Essential Oil Based Hand Sanitizer found on:

Makes 2oz

3 Tblspns Isoprophy Alcohol (If you were making alcohol free they suggested Witch Hazel, however in relation to COVID-19 alcohol has been suggested.)

1 Tblspns Aloe Vera Gel

½ tsp Vegetable glycerin

10 Drops Tea Tree Oil

10 Drops Lavender Oil


Extra Strength Less Natural DIY Hand Sanitizer (But selected as most might have all these things at home already) found on:

½ cup Isoprophy Alcohol (99% is suggested to be needed to ensure effectiveness.)

½ Tblspn Hydrogen Peroxide

½ Tspn Vegetable Glycerin

⅓ cup boiled or distilled water

Hopefully this has been helpful to you and your family, and as we go forward in uncertain times try to focus on what’s in front of you, if you’re forced to slow down be sure to take the opportunity that that presents in our normally too fast paced world.

Enjoy time with family, get back to basics and in the wake of what’s being billed as terrible nurture relationships suddenly things might just feel a little less bad! :)

All the best to everyone, truly appreciate you and this too shall pass!

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