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  • Navigating Food Allergies Naturally: Tips for Allergy-Friendly Family Meals

    Food allergies can be a puzzle for families to solve. When certain proteins in foods trigger the immune system, it leads to what we call a food all...
  • 5 Steps to Maintain Lifelong Energy & Vitality

    While it's impossible to indefinitely sustain the youthful energy of our twenties, consistent focused exercise, nutritious food, and reducing exposure to toxins (such as by removing household chemicals and transitioning to natural, chemical-free alternatives) can significantly decelerate the sensations linked with aging. For instance, strength training has the potential to generate fresh mitochondria, despite the typical decline that occurs with age.

  • Main Ingredients in Shampoo to Avoid

    Only well after our marriage did we come to realize which key components in shampoo should be avoided. Despite my extensive background as a healthcare professional, I was aware of some potential dangers associated with these ingredients. However, the true impact didn't fully resonate until we personally experienced their effects.

    The current landscape of the health and beauty industry raises significant concerns for individuals and families focused on well-being. Ingredient lists are inundated with lengthy and complex terms that are challenging to pronounce. Moreover, in instances involving fragrances, for instance, there is a noticeable absence of EPA regulations mandating manufacturers to disclose their formulations. This allows them to list ingredients under a proprietary blend without divulging specific details.

  • A Fresher Home, A Healthier Family: Natural Toilet Cleaning Tablets

    WIC Family Naturals is excited to talk about an easy switch that can lead to a cleaner and healthier home for your beloved family: natural toilet b...
  • How Much Epsom Salt Should I Use In My Bath?

    So how much Epsom Salt should you use in your bath? Well if you ask us we’ll say, “probably none.” Not because epsom salt in your bath isn’t beneficial. We’ll cover what Epsom salt (or Magnesium Sulfate) is, why it can be helpful, why we don’t use it in our bath salts, and we’ll talk about how much is normally used and a few do’s and don'ts.
  • Soft & Tender: Embracing Gentle Baby Lotion for Your Little One

    Welcoming a new addition to your family is a joyous journey filled with endless love and tender care. As you embark on this incredible voyage of pa...
  • If Only My Doctor Asked These 3 Questions

    In the realm of healthcare, the vital role of doctors in promoting longevity and well-being cannot be overstated. However, the modern med...
  • Healthy Hair Made Simple: WIC Family Naturals' Basil & Lime Shampoo Bars

    Welcome to the WIC Family Naturals blog, where we are committed to promoting family health and well-being. Today, we're excited to address a common...
  • Why Our Family Loves Oatmeal

    In a world brimming with diverse culinary delights, one unassuming food often overlooked is oatmeal. Despite its humble reputation, oatmeal possess...
  • Why Do We Have Copaiba Balsam in Our Ache & Pain Bath Soak?

    There’s quite a bit of research that suggests that Copaiba has both anti-septic and significant anti-inflammatory properties. It’s the anti-inflamm...
  • 5 Tips to Relief From Headaches Naturally in Minutes

    Headaches are one of the most common ailments that many people complain about as they go about their day-to-day lives and for some, headaches strike often and come on quickly. Here are five tips for helping to relieve headaches naturally.
  • Build Your Body to Keep Up (Aches & Pains DO NOT Have to Come With Age)

    As I find myself in my forties, I've come to genuinely understand the worries my clients express about the inevitable aches and pains that accompany aging – a perspective that eluded me during my twenties. Listening to my clients' challenges, I now grasp the significance of their struggles. It's important to recognize that you need not endure discomfort; rather, you can match the energy and pace of not only your children and grandchildren but also nearly anyone else – provided you proactively nurture your body to meet these demands.