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natural & organic, chemical free, safe products for families

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natural, organic, chemical free & Canadian made.

Eliminating household chemicals produced not one but two miracles for our family, quite literally.

It sent us on a mission to begin to formulate, source and produce natural, organic, chemical free and Canadian made personal care and home products that are safe enough for our family but made for yours.

Browse our growing selection of haircare, skincare, bath and home products.

Safe products used by chemical free families every day. Your family will love them too or return them for a refund, that is our family belief and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

  • free shipping on all orders over $49 in Canada or to the US

free shipping on all orders over $49 in Canada or to the US

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WIC Family Naturals Ache & Pain Bath Soak

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Our organic hair, skin and facial care products are gentle, rich, and nourishing.

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10 Chemicals Found In Every Home and How To Easily Eliminate Them Today


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