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Get Fast Relief From Headaches Naturally

natural headache relief

Headaches are one of the most common ailments that many people complain about as they go about their day-to-day lives and for some, headaches strike often and come on quickly. While migraines can be completely debilitating, for most, headaches simply present a nagging annoyance you now need to deal with as you try to carry out your day.  

In any case, if headaches are something you need to mitigate and put behind you, keep reading for more details on how you can do just that...naturally.

There is more and more documentation outlining the many risks of relying on over the counter “drug” solutions such as Advil or Tylenol. These drugs are not healthy to take regularly and do come with potential side effects (ranging from mild to spontaneous combustion wild...although thankfully that’s quite rare) with regular use. 

Here are five tips for helping to relieve headaches naturally.

The First and Most Important Rule Stay Hydrated 

One of the top causes of headaches in many people is simply a lack of proper hydration. If you aren’t hydrating yourself often, now is the time to change your ways. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and force yourself to drink out of it at least every half an hour, even if you aren’t thirsty.

Remember that thirst is not always the best indicator of good hydration and often, you can actually be dehydrated by the time thirst comes on. 

I know you’ve always been told. “8 glasses of water per day,” but in truth that’s not enough for the average person to maintain good hydration in consideration of the much broader (and growing all the time) physiological stresses placed on our bodies, every single day.


If dehydration is the root cause of your headache, you should find relief within 30-120 minutes after you become adequately hydrated, it is an easy one to maintain that will work repeatedly time and time again.

Often headaches stemming from dehydration will stem from the back of the head or upper neck or from behind the eyes.

And do note if you enjoy soft drinks, coffee or other caffeinated beverages you’ll need even more water to maintain good hydration. 

(Final fun fact, as little as a 1-2% loss of body water can leave you in danger of symptoms as extreme as cardiac arrest.)

Consider Magnesium 

Another natural support to help get relief from headaches for many people is to take a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a mineral that we do get naturally from our food intake, but many people simply don’t get enough. 

In those who aren’t regularly keeping up with their intake, headaches may be more likely, so remedying this deficiency could be of use. Do keep in mind however this is one supplement that you can certainly overdo. (You’ll know because it may have you racing to the toilet.)

Taking too much magnesium, especially on a daily basis can lead to diarrhea in many people. A good dose to start at is around 300-400 mg of oral magnesium per day. Magnesium Glycinate is the most absorbable form. It’s strictly my opinion but you may wish to continue to increase by 100mg every couple of days until you find a point where your stools become just somewhat loose than reduce by 100-200mg/day.

Magnesium has many great benefits in relieve soft tissue pain, inflammation, etc it’s truly on the short list of things I’ve recommended to many people for many years throughout my career as personal trainer/health practitioner.

Consider Capsicum 

Capsicum has been proven to be very effective as a natural headache treatment in those who are suffering and is also a great treatment for allergy relief. 

Headaches frequently accompany allergies, so if this is the case, capsicum may be a perfect treatment option.

Even if you aren’t suffering from allergies, it can still help you find fast relief. Women who are dealing with premenstrual headaches may also see their symptoms ease after using capsicum as a treatment method. 

Nasol Natural Nasal Sinus Spray is my product of choice to recommend, it’s an easy, fast way to get capsicum into the nasal passages and head, providing the fastest relief form available. It’s had many many great reviews, but it does, let’s say tingle a little be forewarned. :)

Get More Sleep 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle in this department. I’d love to blame our young son, though he’s a big contributing factor now, truth is I’ve just never been a good sleeper either.

Your sleep habits have a massive impact on your overall mood and well being, never mind how they relate to you suffering from headaches. 

Start taking note of when you most commonly experience headaches and note whether they often happen on those nights you aren’t getting enough sleep. (When combined with dehydration this is a painful combo.)

There is often a direct connection between sleep and headache severity and frequency, so start paying more attention to this. Those who get more than six hours of sleep each night typically experience fewer headaches than those who were getting less than six. 

Try Essential Oils (Psst...they actually work faster than Advil or Tylenol)

Many people (like my wife and I, and dozens upon dozens of my former clients) swear by the relief that essential oils can bring, so this is another natural home remedy you can try. 

Peppermint on top of lavender are the two most commonly used essential oils, I personally notice relief in less than a minute.

Apply them to the temples, and across your forehead (you need very very little be cautious of your eyes of course.) I also like to apply it behind and around the tops of my ears and at the base of the skull (often headaches come from your scalp so this is along it’s orgin points) and a little down my neck as I often suffer from tension headaches.

For additional relief you can also apply a little spot pressure to the ridges under your eyebrows, and a little extra strength will come from applying a drop of peppermint oil to each nostril.

Simply apply the oil and then sit and relax for a few minutes and see if that doesn’t get you feeling much better.

The only downside to essential oils is they often need to be reapplied every 30-60 min depending on the severity of the headache, but hey all natural and no harmful side effects at all, it’s not a bad trade off.

(One final plug, try our WIC Family Naturals Ache & Pain Bath Soak on your headache, we’ve had many great success stories in this regard and a warm bath often takes more away than your headache. :)

Don’t let headaches get you down any longer. While you may not always be able to prevent them, if you make a few lifestyle changes and know what natural treatment remedies are available, you can position yourself to be headache free more often than not!


Cabel McElderry, a former physique sport athlete has personally gained and lost more than 1000lbs.  He was a personal trainer and therapeutic massage therapist for more than 20 years helping thousands of people take control of their health and their bodies. 

He authored the longest running column for the Red Deer Advocate for 13 years, has written for international publications, and spoke at various events throughout North America. As a Pro-Trainer for Canfitpro he’s certified hundreds of personal trainers and still consults and coaches trainers world wide on building communities that help thousands of people.

Cabel has helped prevent surgeries, eliminated medications, rehabbed many injuries, worked with athletes from amateur to pro, helped every day people lose thousands of pounds, but most importantly has given many people the opportunity to live a happier life with greater confidence and self-esteem.

“My new mission as a father of a child that I was told was never going to be; is to help educate families on the power they have at their fingertips with natural products and solutions and not to take lightly the impact changing a few unassuming products and habits can have.”

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